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Call +1 (917) 242-8421 or complete the form below to request a tour reservation via email, and Sam will respond within 24 hours.

All tours are led by the “Sam” and cover 2.5 miles in 2.5 hours. Standard tour groups are no more than 18 people. For all tours, the cost is $100.00 for 1-3 guests and $150.00 for 4-6 guests. For groups of 7 or more, please call to inquire about group rates.

In addition to our regular tours, we are proud to individualize to suit any taste. Food tours, special interest tours, and more can be arranged as a custom tour. So long as customized tours can be accomplished within 2.5 hours and 2.5 miles of walking within the five boroughs, the only limit is your imagination. A notice of at least 48 hours is appreciated for any custom tour. The rate structure for these follow Sights by Sam’s regular rate structure.

Sights by Sam can also function as a ride-along guide with guests who want to see the city by vehicle, provided that guests make all arrangements for hiring a vehicle.

    1-3 People4-6 People7+ People

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