Borough of Brooklyn


At 2.6 million people and 97 square miles, Brooklyn is one of the largest boroughs in the city in area and population.  Formerly an independent city until 1898, Brooklyn has risen, declined, and then risen again—giving the borough and its residents a distinct personality.  While this area has lived in the literal and metaphorical shadow of Manhattan for most of its history, Brooklyn has come into its own and is a destination worth exploring in its own right.  Among some of the items covered in this introduction to the Borough of Champions are:

-Brooklyn Bridge Park/East River
-Plymouth Church
-Borough Hall/Brooklyn Civic Center
-N.Y. Transit Museum
-One Hansen Place
-Flatbush Avenue
-Prospect Park/Grand Army Plaza

Tour Meeting Place: In front of Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

*All tours must be arranged in advance by booking online, by email, or by telephone. No Walkups.